An Organization of Certification, Inspection and Training Bodies.


BACB members are not the biggest certification/inspection/training bodies in the world, but because Accreditation Body (AB) accreditation treats all certification/inspection/training bodies the same, this is not an issue. All certification/inspection/training bodies, big and small have to meet the same requirements. This includes demonstrating that we do what we say we do. Every accredited certification/inspection/training body has to demonstrate its commitment to customers and we have to measure how well we do this.

BACB members are committed to providing a consistently high level of service and if an individual member can’t provide the certification/ inspection/training you require, they can refer you to another BACB member who can in the knowledge that you will get a consistent level of service.

We meet regularly as part of a peer review process and exchange of information to ensure we are achieving this objective and to liaise with Accreditation Body (AB) and other stakeholders. While we compete with each other in the market place we also cooperate to ensure we represent accredited certification/inspection/training with integrity and impartiality.


Membership is open to any Certification Body/Inspection Body/Training Body must have accreditation from the Bangladesh Accreditation Board (BAB) based on ISO/IEC 17021 or ISO/IEC 17065 or ISO/IEC 17020 or ISO/IEC 17024 for any of its Certification, Inspection and Training Services. The government agencies working for implementation and certification, Inspection and training of quality will be exempt from this requirement.