The stated mission of BACB is:

To ensure certification of management systems, products and personnel is understood, accepted and valued by key stakeholder groups, including government, industry associations and, both, public and private organisations.

Business Objectives:

  •  To have organisations who engage a BACB member, receive a credible service that facilitates organisational improvement and the reduction of       operational risk;
  •  To be accepted and respected as the voice of accredited certification bodies in Australia by relevant accreditation bodies;
  •  To Maximise the impact of the BACB through the establishment of coalitions with parties of interest in our sphere;
  •  To share relevant information between members to provide a platform of views on key issues


Membership is open to any Certification Body that holds Accreditation issued by an Accreditation Body recognised by the IAF via a Mutual Recognition Agreement. Membership is also open to other parties with a demonstrated interest in Accreditation or Accredited Certification. There are no geographical restrictions.