An Organization of Certification, Inspection and Training Bodies.

Who We Are


BACB (Bangladesh Association of Certification Bodies) is an industry association that represents accredited certification, inspection and training bodies (also referred to as Conformity Assessment Bodies) across a broad range of certification markets.

BACB assists its members by promoting the use of accredited certification, inspection and training bodies represents its members in liaising with accreditation and industry bodies, and supports the continual improvement of certification, inspection and training schemes and regulatory frameworks to deliver the best possible outcomes for end users of third-party certification, inspection and training services.

BACB and its members operate globally. BACB invites membership enquiries from any interested and accredited Certification, Inspection and Training Body/Conformity Assessment Body membership enquiries from any relevant industry, accreditation and regulatory organizations and their members.


Membership is open to any Certification Body that holds Accreditation issued by an Accreditation Body recognised by the IAF via a Mutual Recognition Agreement. Membership is also open to other parties with a demonstrated interest in Accreditation or Accredited Certification. There are no geographical restrictions.